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Beginning a journey into Tai Chi

One of the reasons I started this blog was to enhance my own personal journey with Chinese Martial Arts (CMA).  The writing process helps me learn and retain the information.  It also helps me work through all the knowledge in my head.  By writing it down, I need to first digest it for myself, if I can ever hope for it to make sense to others.  I don’t want to just ramble and write, I would like to help someone else find their path and also refine my own.

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Becoming Nature’s Mirror in Spring — TCM World


Spring is the season associated with the Wood element, according to traditional Chinese medicine’s Five Element framework. This unique framework places all phenomena into five essential patterns. Items in each element, such as taste, color and emotion, resonate with all the others in that element and therefore help nourish and balance them. Spring is associated…

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Balancing the Yin Yang of Stress

I have been thinking a lot about the word stress lately.  We tend to use that word so much these days that people are starting to stress about being stressed and it all seems rather negative.  What I knew before my journey into Chinese Martial Arts and what I have learned from my practice, is that for all the good, there is a bad, or the yin and yang of all things.  So what would be considered good or positive stress and is there such a thing? For me the only way I can make sense of something that puzzles me is to go to the source, the original origin, or as close to it as one can get.

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Am I “Allowed”?

Have you ever been interesting in learning, practicing or introducing something into your life from a different place with a different culture than your own?  Have you ever asked yourself – Am I Allowed?  Am I allowed to do this even though I am from a different place or a different race?  I know lots of people do it in our openly global societies now and most people don’t seem to question their “right” to do so.  But really, is there even such a thing as the “right” to engage in a human practice that can be done by any human?  Be it a language, a religion, a sport, a pastime or even a food or way of dressing.  I feel that if done with respect and acknowledgment to the source and history, then it is OK.  If it makes your life fuller and content, then even better.   Continue reading “Am I “Allowed”?”

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Being Silly

So, yet another blog is started…am I being silly in starting this, who knows and more importantly who needs concern themselves with such details.  The fact of the matter is, I am having fun and being silly.  I truly feel that “being young at heart”, so the saying goes, is a way to stay healthy and happy.  So, begins the Grasshopper’s Path…